Women Owning the Game of Business Golf
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Olympian & Professional Pole Vaulter
April Steiner Bennett

I love the new bridge between 2 female worlds that can mentor each other to create powerful business choices.
Olympian & Professional Pole Vaulter
Tori Pena

Tori shifted her business focus mindset to use golf as a tool in her emerging new business career.
Financial Advisor
Shehara L Smallwood

Sheaha a financial advisor understands how golf is a perfect tool in building stronger relationships with her clients.

Connie Wilson
Connie Wilson Communications LLC

“Through golf I’ve been able to meet some wonderful people – from CEOs of major corporations to media, management, players, fans and volunteers at events around the world. The experiences I’ve had and relationships I’ve made throughout my career through my association with golf have enabled me to build networks, grow business and broaden exposure for various projects.”

Cori Brett
Cori Brett LLC

“Through my career in the golf industry, I have learned that golf opens doors all over the world. Business relationships are forged on the golf course, and friendships are formed that can last a lifetime.”

Gigi Rock
Former Commissioner
Founder Heraea Marketing

I learned early from a corporate standpoint that I was losing money by not being able to take my corporate clients out on the golf course to do business like my male colleagues. I didn’t golf, I didn’t like golf, so I quickly changed my perspective of golf and took it on as a challenge to do more business. It worked, now I play with the boys and close deals on the golf course.

Christine Temple-Wolfe, MBA
“Whether I’m working with Fortune 500 managers or a start up, I can more effectively build trust when I spend time with my clients on the golf course--and here is why. When you engage a business colleague out in the elements, they begin to see me as a person, versus somebody who wants something from them.

Their assumptions about me quickly disappear and they begin to see my competitiveness, my humility, my integrity, my graciousness and manners. People do business with people they like, plain and simple.”



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Women Owning Business Golf
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